Thursday, March 5, 2009

Words do matter Mr. President – remember that?

We all remember the debate around the words vs. experience issue that Mr. Obama had during the campaign. He kept telling us that ‘words do matter’ .. and he continued to be very carefully crafting words for all of us.. and his stock continued to rise.. For a person who understands the value of words, I have to say, this Obama administration is so negligent with the way it is using words that attack ‘our’ stock markets. I mean, everything that the Obama people who are in charge of touching anything to do with money starts and ends with how bad everything is and how bad everything is going to get. I mean, if things were extraordinarily good and the continuous attacks with ‘words’ of our stock markets would bring everything down. ENOUGH ALREADY!!
Have you seen the markets, what we would consider good stocks, collapsing 10-20-30% in a day? The attacks on our stock markets continue at an extraordinary pace, unprecedented in recent history.
Things may be bad.. but Mr. Geithner and company (i.e., the Obama gang), when you go to Congress to borrow the huge amount of money you are about to borrow have the decency to end on a positive note, have the decency to tell people that whatever was wrong is getting fixed and that the markets do not need to worry anymore..
We may be in a recession, we may be about to borrow huge amounts of money, we may be going to major social transformations as a society.. but when it comes to words, Mr. Obama, words do matter!
If you were careful with words for your own benefit during the political campaign, there is no reason for your administration to continue the negative attacks on our economy. As you can see, it brings the stock markets down indiscriminately.
Enough is enough, Mr. President order your troops to be careful with the way they use ‘words’!!

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