Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We need wealth creation, we love wealth creation!

When the president expresses confidence in the stock markets we all listen..It does matter when you hear the administration not only asking for money but also showing us some hope for all that money.
Let us be clear about this: we need strong stock markets as soon as possible! Forget the politics, forget whatever budget fights we are going to see.. without strong stock markets other countries (China anyone?) will seize the leadership. China is not alone in focusing on its internal market so it doesn’t rely on exports as much in the future. A lot of countries have just realized that the most affluent consumer in the world, the American consumer, might not be able to spend anymore.
Mr. President, we’ve heard encouraging words about the stock markets the other day. Don’t stop now! Keep going! As wealth creation is the main driver out of this mess.. Wealth is the magic of America and without it there isn’t a lot of anything else.. We need wealth creation, we love wealth creation and we all must work together to create wealth in America. Wealth is something that everyone around the world dreams of, but America has the best engines in place to create it at faster speed.
I know that the financial markets have failed us this time around. But let us not desert the most important instrument we have: wealth creation.
It is never too early to start creating wealth. We’ve seen a timid start the other day, but Mr. President, keep going! We might just see that by creating wealth we can start again to hope for a ‘balanced budget’..
Mr. President, tell us more about opportunity in the stock markets.
We need wealth creation, we love wealth creation!

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