Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mr. Obama’s bubbles..

Do you remember the huge crowds going to see Mr. Obama deliver his campaign speeches? I do.. do you think those were ‘bubbles’? Do you remember how much money Mr. Obama raised online? I do.. Do you think that was another ‘bubble’?

Has Mr. Obama become afraid of bubbles all of sudden?.. Remember when they wanted his blackberry? His answer was that he didn’t want to live in a ‘bubble.’
So far so good.. bubbles everywhere.. so why would Mr. Obama be afraid of creating another bubble in the economy? Or the stock markets?

Mr. Obama, Sir, we are soooo far from being in a ‘bubble’ that you cannot believe it. With assets being at the lowest levels in years, with home values going down every day, with the stocks of the major banks selling for pennies on the dollar, with 401k’s and college endowments dropping 40-50%.. should I keep going? The entire world lost nearly 50% in wealth over last year.. No bubbles here Sir. So why even bring that up in today’s speech?
By the way, China has been growing at over 10% per year for decades – they didn’t mind the ‘bubble’ don’t be afraid of bubbles Mr. President. Go ahead and create one, and then create another one and another and another. WE LOVE BUBBLES, SIR! Just make sure that they come one after another, if you get my drift here.. or make sure that the entire world comes to invest in the US stock markets because they can make money taht way! Not just bonds Sir, actual stocks. Then you can start talking about actually balancing the budget rather than mortgaging the future of our kids because of your administration inability to balance the budget as they are afraid of ‘bubbles’. When you go in front of the world and ask for $ trillions it really takes something to turn around and lecture us about ‘bubbles’..
Go ahead, Mr. Obama, show us bubbles, lots and lots and lots of bubbles. WE LOVE BUBBLES!!

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