Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mr. Obama’s socialist state

There is no question that with the announcement of the budget today, Mr. Obama has started the road to a socialist state. I’ve listened to his top economists. Not one, not one single soul has mentioned anything about ‘wealth creation’ or ‘balancing the budget’.
I am not disputing what Mr. Obama intends to do – it all sounds nice and dandy. I am disputing how Mr. Obama wants to pay for what he wants to do. Not even mentioning wealth creation or balancing the budget?

We can easily see now that for all the talk about ‘change’ and ‘special interest’ Mr. Obama has proven that his and his party’s interests come first. Not the nation's. I don’t buy that his interests are in rebuilding the nation. He could have said something like: we will balance the budget in 4 years or in 6 years or in 10 years.. but no talk about that. He could have said something like: this country has lost so much wealth over the past few years, we will recoup all that lost wealth in 4 years or in 6 years or in 10 years.. no talk about that either the day he announced his budget.
We did hear a lot of talk about how hard the times are, how difficult it is and all the social programs that we must do. That kind of confirms that the journey to a socialist state has started doesn’t it..
Unfortunately, now we can see clearly why there was all that talk during the campaign about Mr. Obama's significant inexperience in the matters of state.. Capitalist state that is..
I can guess that Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid will not demand that Mr. Obama balances the budget. Will the congressional republicans demand a balanced budget? I hope they do it.

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