Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mr. Obama, the stock market is “everything”

When Mr. Obama goes to Congress today he will tell us how hard the times are, how hard his job is, how he cannot balance the budget, how he cares about 95% of the people and how he doesn’t watch the stock market..
True, Mr. Obama has not had a lot of time in office. True, there are a lot of hard and complicated issues he has on his plate. Did anyone tell him that being president of the US was an easy job? I hope not..We hire presidents because we are a complex country. The job is not “easy” Mr. President! And it will not get any easier either..
But the complexities of the job should not limit our potential, opportunities. In a dynamic economy such as ours no president can afford to minimize the importance of the stock markets in our economy.
We’ve heard the other day that the president will not even attempt to balance the budget within his first term. That is bad. It is bad behavior, not healthy for anyone.
We’ve also heard from his press secretary that the president is not watching the stock market. Forgive me for asking, but if you do not raise taxes and do not cut spending to balance the budget, how do you make money to pay for the adventure Mr. President?
Like it or not Mr. President, the stock market is “everything”. You will have to watch it like millions and millions of Americans do.. and you will have to treat the stock market as it was the most important thing in your presidency. Not if you can ‘find time’ for that.. not ‘after’ you take care of other ‘important’ issues.. The stock market is the engine of growth in our economy. Americans invest their own money to make their own destiny and yes, to ‘profit’. As profit is not just for the 5% of the people of this country. Profit is our way and it defines ‘all ‘100% of US.
So when you go to Congress today Mr. President, please acknowledge that we need more than a stimulus package. We need a strong stock market. A strong market cannot exist without confidence about the future economic growth. And if we are talking about trillion dollars investments. And if you truly believe that those ‘are‘ investments, give us your word of confidence Mr. President. Address the stock market as if it were the most precious gift you have received. Because it is.
Mr. Obama, the stock market is “everything”

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