Monday, February 23, 2009


I am not sure how a president can say with a straight face: I will reduce the deficit from $1 trillion to half of that in about 2-3 years.. please.. as a nation we have been playing this farce forever.. who needs a ‘reduction’ in the deficit? Do you need that? I don’t. In fact, I don’t really care.. so why reduce it at all?
I mean, if Mr. Obama really wants to do something serious he needs to tell the world that we as a nation will balance the budget within his first term in office. Not in the second term and not in ten years. Within his first term! Why is it sooooo difficult for our presidents to balance the checkbooks lately? We haven’t seen that kind of talk since Bill Clinton was in office.

Why can’t our presidents balance budgets? Or better yet, why aren’t the US presidents even interested in balancing the budget?
I believe that most of us think that there is only one way to balance the budget – one way for each party that is: democrats have to raise taxes and republicans have to cut programs.
Isn’t that view bringing us back like 100 years or so?
Why can’t we as a nation find ways to balance the budget the right way: by having a strong economy based on a strong stock market that fuels wealth creation.
Bill Clinton and Al Gore proved that was possible. We have the recipe – maybe Mr. Obama needs to talk to Bill Clinton and to Al Gore once in awhile..

I say we should demand that our presidents balance the books – just like everyone else on this planet!

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